Thursday, September 24, 2009

Being Fine

People are going to read my last blog and freak the fuck out. I am not falling off the deep end again! Haha! My hair is staying on my head, and im not popping strange pills! haha! Everything is good right now and i am not off the deep end i PROMISE.

Being at tech is a great experience. I have met some amazing people (and some losers, haha) and formed some AMAZING friendships. I have kept a few old friends that are still at Dreher and I mean a few.

I am perfectly happy, although i should work on my math grade! haha! But yes, i am fine with everything thats been happening lately. My mother and i are... on speaking terms.... i went to her house to use her printer yesterday! Wow! thats a big step!

I know alot of people dont read this but i do want to thank everyone that helped me get where i am right now. I had to deal with alot of demons and regret in the last two years but I found that sometimes starting over is the best thing to do. So i shaved my head and left my school, yes a little drastic, but everything seemed to work it self out in the long run.

I love everyone :)

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