Wednesday, September 9, 2009

getting ready is DANGEROUS!

this is so silly! this morning was like such a rush to get ready tho for real! i was plannin to go to dipratos with omi (my grandma) at like 10 30. my fucking slacks were wrinkled and today is the day at school where you HAVE to dress up noce. anyways i dont have a damn iron so i tried putting them in the dryer with a wet cloth. anyways i want to explain all of it but i would just be rambling, long story short i couldnt get them fucking unwrinkly and omi and i were going MAD trying to unwrinkle them. i got them a little better, well she did. (my hero) they are a little better but of course not perfect, like everything. but today is corporate image and i am wearing a long sleeve ralph lauren polo and an american apparel cranberry vest with get this, a TIE. i never wear ties! i dont even know how to tie ties! I had to look up how to on Youtube. AND EVEN THAT WAS HARD. ahahahaha i looked everywhere and didnt fucking realize my loops from my holes! never thought i would say that!
i ending up FINALLY tying it and good thing, today is ID picture day. so yea, thats taken care of. i think i look somewhat nice. my whole grain/nut and soy diet started yesterday. it will supposedly clear my skin up very well. no soda, no gross juice, no candy! if i want a snack, i eat pumpkin seeds! haha! my skin needs to be absolutely RADIANT by SC pride! its in 3 days!

Oh, and by the way!? anyone have any tips on getting pants wrinkle free!?!? i dont have an iron! and dont fucking tell me to get an iron! i dont want one! they are dangerous! hahah, maybe i will get one.... tee hee heeeee

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