Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hipster McGee

Okay so whenever i post a somewhat sad blog (the last one was sad to me probably only because it happened to me) i like to IMMEDIATELY follow it with a happy one!

So for a while i have been talking about Hipster Mcgee on my facebook and twitter. (btw, follow me, yeah i just did that.)

Anyways as you know i got to midlands tech, and as most puplic buildings exude a smoking regulation, tech is no excuse. We have these gazebos which it seems like people would hate because of the shit coloured wood but they are a smokin' spot! haha see what i did there? anyways the gazebos to me represent the social aspect of midlands tech. I have met alot of cool people there, from all different roots and backgrounds and ways of life. They are just a great place to go whenever you really want to have a conversation.

But, of course, along with the good ALWAYS comes the bad. Thats where Hipster McGee comes in. Gosh, i cannot stand that brat. His name really is not hipster mcgee even tho sadly if i called him that he would be all over that shit.

anyways he doesnt even go to tech (total means girls "she doesnt even go here!" moment) he just comes and bothers everyone with his douche bag friend and thinks he is being cool.

the first time i saw him he was wearing like cut off girl jeans (which i am presuming were a lone from his 8 year old hannahmontana obsessed) sister. and a white v neck. of cooooourse.

he was dancing around rapping, no screaming, lil wayne in everyones face and saying "im trippin im trippin"

he does this everyday. he thinks he has friends there or something, usually campus security gets them just for being loud.

One time he said, no screamed, "my balls itch" as if he was talking to someone and goes to "readjust" for all of tech to see.

I swear i also heard him say once "ima put that on ma myspace"

um party faux paux.

anyways i am not impressed by Hipster Mcgee and his friend. I have a feeling they will continute to come atleast until winter.

he also offered me three blunts for my jacket.

the answer was no.

I only felt bad with one interaction with him when he asked if i had a ciggerette and i said fuck no, when i just opened a new pack right in front of him haha.

On thursday him and his boyfriend, i mean jackoff buddy, shit, i mean bro... got in a spit fight with repeated "ur gay" "no ur gay" "im serious dude" 's.

that was almost amusing.

One time i asked him wtf he was doing. I asked is he just on the quest to be that guy? he laughed and said yes.

I told him congratulations your quest is complete.

mission accomplished- mcgee, hipster mcgee.

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