Sunday, September 20, 2009

article for the romc newspaper (not titled)

i really do hope you enjoy! i put work on here so people can critique it! not for grammatical errors, writing is how your heart spells, but if you critique thoughts (as in discuss) i am all for it.

Before Liz Phair sold out and made songs for television shows, made for television movies, and the rest of the top 40 iPod generation and their overly zealous (in the worst sense of the word) mothers, she actually made buzz worthy music. Before any studio albums you can find her home recordings, entitled “girly sound” recordings, which show a side of Phair that unfortunately not many people got to hear before the synthesized teen pop she came up with in the early 00’s. In 1991 she home recorded her “girly sound tapes” which sample home acoustics with raw and genuine lyrics. Not lyrics written by producers to please people. She is an amazing song writer with amazing talent. One song that is worth a listen is “In Love with Yourself”, which is a depressingly enticing tale about being in a relationship with someone’s over working ego. Of course, I like most of the songs from these edgy songs that show an obscure talent that unfortunately no one realized until a sell-out was complete. You can listen (and download) all of her “girly sound” songs at I suggest listening, for music that you can really be captivated by amazing lyrics and talent.

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