Monday, October 26, 2009

da human raze

i feel like i am slowly losing all faith in everyone. friends seem like figments. i pray to whoever that i am not falling deep into an existential pit that i have once been in before. i have so many reasons to be happy but i seem as if i fail on certain human emotions everyone should get an A in. such as, trust. i think all humans are the same. even me. we are all the same. it doesnt matter if you are black, purple, brown, gay, bi, curious, republican, socialist, liberal, interesting, thoughtful, or shy. we all shit, and we all are shit.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deliciously Trashy- SC State Fair

This year, i just truly did not have that fair urge that everyone my age seems to get around this time of the year. I think mainly this is because I went to Carowinds with some buddies right before the school year started. So that just makes me think that nothing can compare to Carowinds after going, especially a fair in trashy South Carolina. And of course, I was right. The Seniors in The Middle College program at Midlands Tech recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the South Carolina State Fair for a day. There was supposedly an assignment but that just turned into going to the fair from open to 3 PM, all expenses paid, just bring cash for food. Thats an awesome opportunity and I am glad my school gives us weird random things like this so everyone can get along an adjust to how weird this program we are in is, because it is all pretty shotty administration and last minute put together things, but as in most cases... its the thought/attempt that counts.
The fair didn't suck, but really Carowinds is obviously so much better. In the long run carowinds is cheaper, and has a HELL of a lot more. I mean, if I would have had to pay for the fair, its 8 dollars just to get in and 23 dollars for a wrist band. Carowinds is just 30, if you pay online. I mean, come on, its worth the drive.
And also with the fair being in South Carolina it has all sorts of things I would not like to see. Fleece Covered Fatasses, Chocolate Covered Bacon, and Bitter Attitude Covered Ex-Boyfriends. Lets not forget the sexy south african Carnies that look like they will gang rape your thirteen year old myspace queen daughter and go set up the next fair in the next state the next week.
The Fair is also dirty, just dirty, I mean its South Carolina we cant expect much, but this is pretty dirty. Its almost like for the past 10-20 years people have been holding on to this novelty of the fair like its some amazing carnival everyone sees in the old-timey films. People need to realize that shit is over. People really need to face the facts that the only reason people go to the fair is because they have this amazing idea and EVERYONE wants to go. Well news flash, everyone wants to go because you want to go because its there. Sally is Johnny's BFF, Sallys going to the fair, so is Johnny. And it works vice versa. You really think people think its COOL to go on rides that throw you all over the place that were put up in three hours by horny south africans on crystal meth? totally rad idea.
But people go, because its about friendship. Hell, I'm going to be honest, I'm going back to the Fair tomorrow. Because my friend really wanted to go. Its about socializing in an environment you arent used to. But in the long run, The SC State Fair is what everyone in SC is used to. Trashy people, shitty attitudes, long lines, and greasy food. Plus the occasional ride that claims one persons life every year. See you there : )

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chatting with Polly Scattergood

totally seem like a stalker/loser for doing this but i just got so excited!! omg!!! :)))) hahaa this was on her tinychat thing, idk what it was exactly ahha. but it was AMAZING all five minutes of it ahaha.

[20:35] Type /help for a list of commands

[20:35] Topic: Online Party Starts tomorrow 9.45pm5

[20:36] guest-13456 changed nickname to todayswithalex

[20:36] todayswithalex: hey polly!!!!!

[20:36] guest-13489 entered the room

[20:36] todayswithalex: yr my absolute hero i swear! much love from the states!

[20:36] guest-13501 entered the room

[20:36] pollyworld: Ok how does this thing work...?

[20:37] guest-13509 entered the room

[20:37] todayswithalex: haha i guess we just type and press enter!!!

[20:37] todayswithalex: haha

[20:37] guest-13515 entered the room

[20:37] pollyworld: yeah someone said there was a video option...

[20:37] pollyworld: but I am not sure

[20:37] guest-13501 changed nickname to vonbrucken

[20:37] todayswithalex: hmmmm.... this is my first time on it! haha

[20:37] vonbrucken: hello back

[20:37] todayswithalex: so im not sure!

[20:37] vonbrucken: so you see it is easy :)

[20:38] pollyworld: ok I don't know if I want to have my party here or on twitter what do you think?

[20:38] todayswithalex: hmm this will show up right away without refreshing, so maybe this

[20:38] vonbrucken: well every twitter followers will know

[20:38] vonbrucken: where is the chat

[20:38] vonbrucken: as you wish

[20:38] todayswithalex: maybe that would make the most sense

[20:39] guest-13577 entered the room

[20:39] guest-13577 changed nickname to littlefurybug

[20:39] todayswithalex: polly, the cam thing is up, but theres no video!

[20:39] vonbrucken: people can connect with twitter and facebook accounts

[20:39] guest-13597 entered the room

[20:39] todayswithalex: yeah thats what i ddi

[20:40] pollyworld: did anyone see me,I tried to get the camera working?!

[20:40] guest-13597 changed nickname to sitaggart

[20:40] todayswithalex: it didnt work!!

[20:40] vonbrucken: I won't turn my cam on as I am in my bed already lol

[20:40] todayswithalex: the cam thing showed up but no video :(

[20:40] pollyworld: oh maybe I will try and get it working for tomorrow!

[20:40] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:40] todayswithalex: yeah web cams are so tricky and incompotent! haha

[20:40] littlefurybug: hellooo, can't stay i'm afraid I've got a headache coming :(

[20:40] pollyworld: ok I kinda like this... I think I will host my party here.. are you all coming?

[20:41] vonbrucken: time to smoke a joint for me and then going to sleep

[20:41] littlefurybug: but I thought I'd pop in just to say hello and goodnight haha

[20:41] todayswithalex: waht time!??!

[20:41] vonbrucken: it is a great service imho

[20:41] todayswithalex: 930 right?

[20:41] pollyworld: 9.45pm bring wine and a virtual friend if you want!

[20:41] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:41] pollyworld: the neighbours won't compain if the music is loud will they?!

[20:42] vonbrucken: my neighbours will

[20:42] vonbrucken: :'(

[20:42] todayswithalex: haha heck no!!! i will bring the wine and i will be representing the states haha

[20:42] littlefurybug: I may turn up :)

[20:42] sitaggart: I'll

[20:42] sitaggart: repres

[20:42] sitaggart: ent

[20:42] vonbrucken: uh btw it is 9.45 england time ?

[20:42] sitaggart:

[20:42] pollyworld: yey... spread the word...the more gate crashers the better!

[20:42] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:42] pollyworld: yeah its 9.45pm UK time tomorrow!

[20:42] vonbrucken: it will be a mess

[20:42] littlefurybug: will do :P

[20:42] todayswithalex: oh yeah wat time is that in US eastern time

[20:42] todayswithalex: haha

[20:43] pollyworld: not sure

[20:43] sitaggart: wtf

[20:43] littlefurybug: 4.45

[20:43] todayswithalex: NO WAY

[20:43] vonbrucken: somethin glike 3pm

[20:43] sitaggart: craz

[20:43] pollyworld: no idea

[20:43] vonbrucken: or something like that

[20:43] todayswithalex: shit are u serious? i have class till 525 :((((

[20:43] todayswithalex: so sad

[20:43] littlefurybug: 8 is 3pm eastern I think

[20:43] todayswithalex: :(((

[20:43] littlefurybug: so 9.45, 4.45

[20:44] todayswithalex: dammit. i have class till 5:25

[20:44] todayswithalex: thats a bummer

[20:44] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:44] pollyworld: so one question how do people know to come here rather than twitter? or Facebook? or myspace?

[20:44] vonbrucken: don't go to school then

[20:44] vonbrucken: tell them you are sick

[20:44] vonbrucken: lol

[20:44] pollyworld: thats naughty.... but a good option ;-) x

[20:44] todayswithalex: i have to get an education silly!

[20:44] pollyworld: true

[20:45] todayswithalex: but i maaaaaay just do it

[20:45] todayswithalex: hahha

[20:45] vonbrucken: uh just a second I wiill read the FAQ

[20:45] vonbrucken: to know the limit

[20:45] guest-13782 entered the room

[20:45] todayswithalex: polly what are some of your favorite films? im lookin for some good ones to review

[20:45] guest-13785 entered the room

[20:46] guest-13802 entered the room

[20:46] guest-13808 entered the room

[20:46] pollyworld: Anything by Shane Meadows... This Is England,Dead Mans Shoes etc

[20:46] todayswithalex: okay cool!

[20:46] todayswithalex: thankyou!

[20:47] littlefurybug: RIGHT! I must be off, sorry I wasn't on long, I'll be on tomorrow night though :)

[20:47] vonbrucken: strange it seems there is no limit

[20:47] pollyworld: Ok cool,I have to go to... see you here at 9,45pm tell all your cyber friends to come,and bring a bottle!

[20:48] vonbrucken: I will try to find it and send you a message on twitter

[20:48] pollyworld: thanks xx

[20:48] todayswithalex: sorry i cant make it polly :((( ttyl!

[20:48] littlefurybug: Will do :) night x

[20:48] vonbrucken: ok have a great night everyone

[20:48] todayswithalex: night night!

[20:48] pollyworld: night everyone see you tomorrow (and for those of you who can't come nice to have a secret 5min party today!)

[20:48] vonbrucken: will watch an asian horror movie

[20:49] vonbrucken: yep :)

[20:50] guest-13962 entered the room

[20:50] guest-13972 entered the room

[20:50] guest-13979 entered the room

[20:50] guest-13989 entered the room

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Psychological Activity (Review On Paranormal Activity)

There are some movies that some people go into with a notion of what it is going to be like. Its usually the person attendings fault, its all a psychological thing. Its the same thing as when you buy something ridiculous and convince yourself you love it. Paranormal Activity seems to be one of those films. The "horror" in it is all done psychologically. Most people would go into the film thinking it is going to be the scariest thing they ever witness in their life, and those people of course go out scared shitless. I, fortunately, went into the film thinking it was probably over hyped and realized that it is, only in the sense its the best horror film of the decade. Its not a horror film, its a psychological thriller. Once people realize that they start to feel tricked almost. The person who put this film together realizes that bumps in the night, and doors creaking, are not scary enough to put a person into cardiac arrest. But what if the person has the element of fear. Thats what Paranormal Activity brings, it brings an element of fear, that sticks with you during the entire film because you dont know what is truly going to happen, and after because you truly do not know what happened. It will leave you looking up information about the film, what really happened, what could happen, it leaves you paying alot more attention to the film than you would have if the movie would have shown some big scary monster or some huge cliff hanger. Theres also no opporunity for a sequel, which I really like when movies do, because that shows the directors are smart in that sense to. They want all the attention on this film, they know that people are going to make this film buzz worthy, they know that the more people don't know whats going on that they will talk about it more via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and sometimes just plain ol' talking. Yes, todays generation actually can communicate without social networking. Although I would never call this movie a horror film, I am glad that it was put out due to the fact that it teaches people how psychological fear really can affect how you percept things. I will admit, I slept with the TV on the night I saw it. Because fear is all in your brain, and this film made you think.

Monday, October 5, 2009

model citizen

So I got a volunteer gig helping out Jack Gertsner with his company Gallery 701. They are a non profit org providing amazing music/concerts/events to Columbia. I am really excited about it! I am helping out with advertising and what not, and especially with the next show Mike & Ruthy (from the mammals) performing which is a week from today! I am just so excited for this event and so glad i am getting my volunteer hours working with something i am really interested in!
I also work at The Nickelodeon theatre on wednesdays for volunteer hours.
Lifes working. I am pretty sure its looking up :).