Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chatting with Polly Scattergood

totally seem like a stalker/loser for doing this but i just got so excited!! omg!!! :)))) hahaa this was on her tinychat thing, idk what it was exactly ahha. but it was AMAZING all five minutes of it ahaha.

[20:35] Type /help for a list of commands

[20:35] Topic: Online Party Starts tomorrow 9.45pm5

[20:36] guest-13456 changed nickname to todayswithalex

[20:36] todayswithalex: hey polly!!!!!

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[20:36] todayswithalex: yr my absolute hero i swear! much love from the states!

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[20:36] pollyworld: Ok how does this thing work...?

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[20:37] todayswithalex: haha i guess we just type and press enter!!!

[20:37] todayswithalex: haha

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[20:37] pollyworld: yeah someone said there was a video option...

[20:37] pollyworld: but I am not sure

[20:37] guest-13501 changed nickname to vonbrucken

[20:37] todayswithalex: hmmmm.... this is my first time on it! haha

[20:37] vonbrucken: hello back

[20:37] todayswithalex: so im not sure!

[20:37] vonbrucken: so you see it is easy :)

[20:38] pollyworld: ok I don't know if I want to have my party here or on twitter what do you think?

[20:38] todayswithalex: hmm this will show up right away without refreshing, so maybe this

[20:38] vonbrucken: well every twitter followers will know

[20:38] vonbrucken: where is the chat

[20:38] vonbrucken: as you wish

[20:38] todayswithalex: maybe that would make the most sense

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[20:39] guest-13577 changed nickname to littlefurybug

[20:39] todayswithalex: polly, the cam thing is up, but theres no video!

[20:39] vonbrucken: people can connect with twitter and facebook accounts

[20:39] guest-13597 entered the room

[20:39] todayswithalex: yeah thats what i ddi

[20:40] pollyworld: did anyone see me,I tried to get the camera working?!

[20:40] guest-13597 changed nickname to sitaggart

[20:40] todayswithalex: it didnt work!!

[20:40] vonbrucken: I won't turn my cam on as I am in my bed already lol

[20:40] todayswithalex: the cam thing showed up but no video :(

[20:40] pollyworld: oh maybe I will try and get it working for tomorrow!

[20:40] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:40] todayswithalex: yeah web cams are so tricky and incompotent! haha

[20:40] littlefurybug: hellooo, can't stay i'm afraid I've got a headache coming :(

[20:40] pollyworld: ok I kinda like this... I think I will host my party here.. are you all coming?

[20:41] vonbrucken: time to smoke a joint for me and then going to sleep

[20:41] littlefurybug: but I thought I'd pop in just to say hello and goodnight haha

[20:41] todayswithalex: waht time!??!

[20:41] vonbrucken: it is a great service imho

[20:41] todayswithalex: 930 right?

[20:41] pollyworld: 9.45pm bring wine and a virtual friend if you want!

[20:41] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:41] pollyworld: the neighbours won't compain if the music is loud will they?!

[20:42] vonbrucken: my neighbours will

[20:42] vonbrucken: :'(

[20:42] todayswithalex: haha heck no!!! i will bring the wine and i will be representing the states haha

[20:42] littlefurybug: I may turn up :)

[20:42] sitaggart: I'll

[20:42] sitaggart: repres

[20:42] sitaggart: ent

[20:42] vonbrucken: uh btw it is 9.45 england time ?

[20:42] sitaggart:

[20:42] pollyworld: yey... spread the word...the more gate crashers the better!

[20:42] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:42] pollyworld: yeah its 9.45pm UK time tomorrow!

[20:42] vonbrucken: it will be a mess

[20:42] littlefurybug: will do :P

[20:42] todayswithalex: oh yeah wat time is that in US eastern time

[20:42] todayswithalex: haha

[20:43] pollyworld: not sure

[20:43] sitaggart: wtf

[20:43] littlefurybug: 4.45

[20:43] todayswithalex: NO WAY

[20:43] vonbrucken: somethin glike 3pm

[20:43] sitaggart: craz

[20:43] pollyworld: no idea

[20:43] vonbrucken: or something like that

[20:43] todayswithalex: shit are u serious? i have class till 525 :((((

[20:43] todayswithalex: so sad

[20:43] littlefurybug: 8 is 3pm eastern I think

[20:43] todayswithalex: :(((

[20:43] littlefurybug: so 9.45, 4.45

[20:44] todayswithalex: dammit. i have class till 5:25

[20:44] todayswithalex: thats a bummer

[20:44] vonbrucken: hehe

[20:44] pollyworld: so one question how do people know to come here rather than twitter? or Facebook? or myspace?

[20:44] vonbrucken: don't go to school then

[20:44] vonbrucken: tell them you are sick

[20:44] vonbrucken: lol

[20:44] pollyworld: thats naughty.... but a good option ;-) x

[20:44] todayswithalex: i have to get an education silly!

[20:44] pollyworld: true

[20:45] todayswithalex: but i maaaaaay just do it

[20:45] todayswithalex: hahha

[20:45] vonbrucken: uh just a second I wiill read the FAQ

[20:45] vonbrucken: to know the limit

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[20:45] todayswithalex: polly what are some of your favorite films? im lookin for some good ones to review

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[20:46] pollyworld: Anything by Shane Meadows... This Is England,Dead Mans Shoes etc

[20:46] todayswithalex: okay cool!

[20:46] todayswithalex: thankyou!

[20:47] littlefurybug: RIGHT! I must be off, sorry I wasn't on long, I'll be on tomorrow night though :)

[20:47] vonbrucken: strange it seems there is no limit

[20:47] pollyworld: Ok cool,I have to go to... see you here at 9,45pm tell all your cyber friends to come,and bring a bottle!

[20:48] vonbrucken: I will try to find it and send you a message on twitter

[20:48] pollyworld: thanks xx

[20:48] todayswithalex: sorry i cant make it polly :((( ttyl!

[20:48] littlefurybug: Will do :) night x

[20:48] vonbrucken: ok have a great night everyone

[20:48] todayswithalex: night night!

[20:48] pollyworld: night everyone see you tomorrow (and for those of you who can't come nice to have a secret 5min party today!)

[20:48] vonbrucken: will watch an asian horror movie

[20:49] vonbrucken: yep :)

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