Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deliciously Trashy- SC State Fair

This year, i just truly did not have that fair urge that everyone my age seems to get around this time of the year. I think mainly this is because I went to Carowinds with some buddies right before the school year started. So that just makes me think that nothing can compare to Carowinds after going, especially a fair in trashy South Carolina. And of course, I was right. The Seniors in The Middle College program at Midlands Tech recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the South Carolina State Fair for a day. There was supposedly an assignment but that just turned into going to the fair from open to 3 PM, all expenses paid, just bring cash for food. Thats an awesome opportunity and I am glad my school gives us weird random things like this so everyone can get along an adjust to how weird this program we are in is, because it is all pretty shotty administration and last minute put together things, but as in most cases... its the thought/attempt that counts.
The fair didn't suck, but really Carowinds is obviously so much better. In the long run carowinds is cheaper, and has a HELL of a lot more. I mean, if I would have had to pay for the fair, its 8 dollars just to get in and 23 dollars for a wrist band. Carowinds is just 30, if you pay online. I mean, come on, its worth the drive.
And also with the fair being in South Carolina it has all sorts of things I would not like to see. Fleece Covered Fatasses, Chocolate Covered Bacon, and Bitter Attitude Covered Ex-Boyfriends. Lets not forget the sexy south african Carnies that look like they will gang rape your thirteen year old myspace queen daughter and go set up the next fair in the next state the next week.
The Fair is also dirty, just dirty, I mean its South Carolina we cant expect much, but this is pretty dirty. Its almost like for the past 10-20 years people have been holding on to this novelty of the fair like its some amazing carnival everyone sees in the old-timey films. People need to realize that shit is over. People really need to face the facts that the only reason people go to the fair is because they have this amazing idea and EVERYONE wants to go. Well news flash, everyone wants to go because you want to go because its there. Sally is Johnny's BFF, Sallys going to the fair, so is Johnny. And it works vice versa. You really think people think its COOL to go on rides that throw you all over the place that were put up in three hours by horny south africans on crystal meth? totally rad idea.
But people go, because its about friendship. Hell, I'm going to be honest, I'm going back to the Fair tomorrow. Because my friend really wanted to go. Its about socializing in an environment you arent used to. But in the long run, The SC State Fair is what everyone in SC is used to. Trashy people, shitty attitudes, long lines, and greasy food. Plus the occasional ride that claims one persons life every year. See you there : )

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  1. not gonna lie, the trashiness of the fair is what i enjoy. when will i ever again get the opportunity to eat a deep-fried banana covered in chocolate sauce?