Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Psychological Activity (Review On Paranormal Activity)

There are some movies that some people go into with a notion of what it is going to be like. Its usually the person attendings fault, its all a psychological thing. Its the same thing as when you buy something ridiculous and convince yourself you love it. Paranormal Activity seems to be one of those films. The "horror" in it is all done psychologically. Most people would go into the film thinking it is going to be the scariest thing they ever witness in their life, and those people of course go out scared shitless. I, fortunately, went into the film thinking it was probably over hyped and realized that it is, only in the sense its the best horror film of the decade. Its not a horror film, its a psychological thriller. Once people realize that they start to feel tricked almost. The person who put this film together realizes that bumps in the night, and doors creaking, are not scary enough to put a person into cardiac arrest. But what if the person has the element of fear. Thats what Paranormal Activity brings, it brings an element of fear, that sticks with you during the entire film because you dont know what is truly going to happen, and after because you truly do not know what happened. It will leave you looking up information about the film, what really happened, what could happen, it leaves you paying alot more attention to the film than you would have if the movie would have shown some big scary monster or some huge cliff hanger. Theres also no opporunity for a sequel, which I really like when movies do, because that shows the directors are smart in that sense to. They want all the attention on this film, they know that people are going to make this film buzz worthy, they know that the more people don't know whats going on that they will talk about it more via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and sometimes just plain ol' talking. Yes, todays generation actually can communicate without social networking. Although I would never call this movie a horror film, I am glad that it was put out due to the fact that it teaches people how psychological fear really can affect how you percept things. I will admit, I slept with the TV on the night I saw it. Because fear is all in your brain, and this film made you think.

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