Sunday, September 13, 2009

South Carolina Pride

YaH!!! yes we can! i was so happy to see that i live in a community with such an ABUNDANCE of glbt people! it was such a blessing to see so many people i can relate too. of course i am such a nervous dork tho, so i did not like meet anyone/give anyone my number! haha, for the best maybe? i cant help im such a goofball and get nerve wrecked haha. But I shook TIFFANY's hand like one million times! haha it was such a cool environment, i got a few shirts, an anklet, and a ring to. and got way to drunk afterwards. oops! tee hee hee.

anyways i had a blast, if you did not go you really missed out. I went with a bunch of girlfriends and yes saw numerous ex's/old flames. seeing the one i feared the worst really wasnt that bad. i just said hey and walked off. he was with his new dude, the one he left me for. haha that was SO long ago, life goes on! I am now officially single and not going to say anything cheastastic like "ready to mingle" but for real life goes on, and i am going to take whateever it throws at me. thats one thing i learned at Pride, life is UNEXPECTED. I mean Ryan, president of SC pride PROPOSED to his BF on stage! It was so FUCKING romantic! could NOT get over that. So i hope that one day, I will have my fairytale dude propose to me. But Im young, i need to realize i gotta take this shit one step at a time! So i am cleaning my life up of any sadness i ever had with any ex flame, and MOVE on. I am an independent, special person, i would like to think. And if SC Pride taught me anything, it is obvious that i am FREE.

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