Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things I want to be

The fact of the matter is, I cannot say much about myself.
Theres the givens-
  • Im 16, almost 17
  • Im a Junior in High School, unfortunately
  • My mother and I do NOT get along
  • I'm obsessed with M.I.A.
  • I'm enthralled with American Apparel
  • I'm a gay teen, in a conservative southern state
  • I have had my share of drama
  • I want to write shit people like

So the reason I said those random things is because the givens are basically what I will talk about the most on this blog.

Why am I doing this blog?

  • I wanted to
  • I like Writing
  • I like to entertain
  • And SG and ML told me to.

Who are SG and ML?

I will talk about them.

Along with the rest of everyone especially LE, AD, LG, LP, HP, and OR

but theres gonna be ALOT more along the way.... I still haven't figured out what I am going to call the boys... oh yes there will be boys. anyways....

I really would like to write for Nylon or Rolling Stone

Thats just basically my dream.

I also want to get the cover of People magazine one day. Just Saying.

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