Saturday, April 25, 2009

A better place?

My dads not really emotionally there for me. But I cant complain too much. Alot of people dont even know there dads or get abused. Besides the constant verbal abuse from my MOTHER i have never been abused by a parent. So in that sense im lucky. And also my dad saved my life basically. When i was in such a bad place living with my mother my dad took me in. Thats the most emotionally there he has been there for me. Like when im sad he wont get why. And he wont talk to me about it. My mom used to talk stuff out with me but i couldn't trust her. She would tell anyone she could and use stuff against me in arguments. It wasn't fair. But the facts are im not complaining. Im lucky. I have a dad who obviously cares, just has odd ways of showing it. But i can complain that i wish my mom was talking to me. But i guess i messed that up too. But another sad fact is life is what you make it. I just hope i can make mine better in the future. Im still making mistakes but i believe my huge mistakes are out of the way. Oh gee i sure hope so. Anyways... Peace.

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  1. i'm liking how you see the silver lining...that right there makes a world of a difference in life. really. your attitude determines your day. remember that. LOVE YOU!!!