Sunday, April 26, 2009

Idk If he is worth it

Change? The fact is that when people announce they are changing it may just mean they are staying very much the same. Or maybe worse? I cant tell with this situation. Sure i really like this guy but i have to face the facts that liking him is getting me to nowhere. And its a one way ticket to. Meaning when i arrive in nowhere im lost for a good long while. Part of me wants to say something but i know that rejection will be at the end of that. But maybe thats EXACTLY what i need. A good slap of rejection so i will just SHUT THE FUCK UP. because i hate being so damn sappy. But maybe i was meant to be sappy. Maybe that will make the journey worth it in the long run? I hope there is a point in my life where i can laugh at all this. Peace.

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  1. will u marry me?

    [ps...i signed up just to comment, sooo i better get a shout out or somethin' haha.]