Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Prom For Alex

So alot of people are asking me why i am not going to prom this year. Especially since i am planning for this year to be my last year in traditional high school. Next year i plan to get my high school diploma through the adult education high school diploma program. That is if everything goes to plan. Anyways i decided to not go to prom. I got invited to two of them though. My schools and a different one. Look i have already been to two proms. Thats more than most. Freshman year i went with my friend Rebecca. Sophomore year i went with my ex at his high school. It was his senior prom. No lie that prom was basically the best experience and memory of my life. We went as friends but i think on that day i realized how connected i felt to this guy. It was such a perfect series of moments. And now he is long gone. I wish i would have cherished every moment i had with him more. I know it sounds like im still in love but i dont think thats the case. For the LONGEST time i thought thats what was wrong. But the real feeling i had was the longing for our friendship. And i miss that everyday. But i doubt im still in "love". He was someone i needed in that time in my life and that era is in the past.

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