Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blue State

Marshall Levvy directed this 2008 "romantic comedy" about a one sided stereotypical millitant liberal who makes a drunken vow to move to Canada if George W. Bush one his second term in 2004.

So, I wouldn't exactly say a movie like this has been done before, but when you break it down to the core, this movie has been done. But all movies have if you go that deep in the core.
With that said, I must saw I REALLY LIKED THIS MOVIE.

It made sense. It was real actually. Quite Real. Just the charactar interaction seemed like it could really be going on for the most part.
It starred Breckin Meyer as the no holds democrat, John, and Anna Paquin as the obvious "love interest" Chloe.
I initially was interested in this movie because of Anna Paquin, I have to admit.
She is one of my favorite actress' along with Zooey Deschanel.

John, who works on the John Kerry campaign, makes a drunken promise right before the 2004 election, to move to Canada if Bush gets it.
Once John realizes everything in his life is completely different because Bush is still in office (realizing he left his life behind) he decides maybe that drunken promise everyone is bugging him about may just be the best option at this point.
he ends up hearing about and the assortment of would be funny moments happen. Its not that all the jokes were'nt funny it was just it was really dry. It was funny how it made you think, but I only actually laughed to the outside world once or twice.

He posts a roadtrip option all over his town in San Francisco and meets Chloe who has obvious made up reasons she wants to go to Canada. The film is making Chloe seem mysterious so you can really think about her. and their brainwashing works!!! but the truth is John just picks her because he expects to get boned.

This movie seems like a teen melodrama, but I swear its not. I just seem to explain things like that.

You learn about each charactar so deep, the movie really makes you seem like you know these charactars. The most important part, you WANT them to be together even though it sounds so odd.

There are some scenes in the movie where they will focus on something solely for just about 15 seconds but play this sweet acoustic guitar in the background.
its one of those moments where you want to cry in a movie but nothing would really be sad. you just feel really connected to the charactars.

This movie seems to teach lessons of not being so one sided. Like dont be such a one sided democrat or republican. its SO important to know that because you have to think for yourself. people need to form opinions on their own, they need to have ACTUAL opinions. and base EVERYTHING they do off that. If you say your a die hard republican or democrat i think you ultimately fail honestly. just look into things. its not hard. to really find out what you believe in. it may seem hard, but I know its always worth it in the long run.
And thats another thing this movie teaches about. What things are worth in the long run. Both charactars battle with if they have made the right decision or were they just running away?
Its really interesting what happens. The ending was a little expected, but it was done beautifully.

I give a definate 4.1 out of 5 stars.

It really was done well and most importantly made sense.


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