Monday, November 30, 2009

Whatever Happened To Wishful Thinking? is telling me that wednesday has 100% Chance of Rain. The entire day. At first I thought, no, this must be a mistake. This MUST say 10% and i just took too much Nyquil. but NOPE, Weather is being predicted as just that. Basically saying your gonna get wet wednesday. And its so strange because Tuesday is supposed to be so beautiful! I mean come on, dont be such a buzzkill mcgee. I mean, really. Rain is nice, i LOVE rain but seeing that there is a 100 percent chance you wont be able to walk outside without getting wet all day wednesday really is the biggest bummer. oh well. I will be sending positive vibes out as usal trying to make the day as good as possible. Just because the suns not in the sky doesnt mean the sun cant be in your attitude! Live for the day!
yeah, i have had to much nyquil now that i think about it...

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