Monday, November 30, 2009

Well I Feel Like A Big Deal

I feel kind of like a big deal! I was asked by Ryan Wilson, the President Of SC Pride to be on a panel with him for GLBT Youth in SC. The Conference is part of a training called "Preventing Health Risks & Promoting Healthy Outcomes Among LGBQ Youth" and I will be one of two (or three) youth on the actual panel. Apparently what I will have to talk about is how coming out has affected me in schools is what I believe their focusing on in general. Oh and I get paid, thats always nice. Haha. I am just really excited that Ryan picked me it just makes me feel like a hot shot big deal haha considering he runs the whole damn pride coalition in South Carolina. He asked me and Stephen because of the work we do with Outloud In The Midlands which is a gay youth group I am a leader of in SC. I feel like its really good I help out in my community with things like this because especially since I am living in the south its neccesary for me to let other youth know that there are other people like them in the south. I wonder how many people will be there? I do not know much about it, except for what I told you. I know that I am very excited! I mean, its pretty damn exciting!

Who else is getting excited for the holidays?! I get so cheery this time of the year! But My face gets so dry! Really unfortunate!

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