Friday, November 27, 2009

So much to say... So little Strength Left

I am so sorry to anyone that cares that i havent blogged in forever. unfortunately this will be a short blog because i am so tired, and also i apoligize for all the grammar and spelling errors. I am just so tired, please forgive me haha.
I am going to just say the good news. I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I cant say I have ever been happier and i dont know why i am crying right now but it just started happenging. I am realizing how happy i am, and it is so beautiful. and i am really tired im sorry. SCHOOL IS GOING GREAT, i finally get math and for the first time ever i have an A in math. I am so proud of myself. I did it without my mother too. So its like a slap in the face to her coz when i was living with her one of the reasons she didnt want me to leave is coz she thought i would lose track of my school work. the facts are i was the most lost at her place. now that i am happy, i am really buckling down. wow. it is gonna be a great next years ahead of me. I promise to post new stuff soon, reviews, thoughts, etc. but i am much to tired now. I just wanted to tell everyone how happy i was. thanks! xx!

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