Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Writing

Some writing I did a couple of months ago when i was VERY lost, but now it is all good. Just thought i would still share it.

A pit is so much worse than a rut. If you are in a rut, the edges are smoothed down and channeling towards the end, all you have is a long climb out. When you are in a rut there is no visible way to get out. How does someone get out of a pit? No one expects to fall into one so it’s not as if you can plan on it. Sure if you are in a literal pit someone can throw a rope, ask for help, etc. What if you are in the kind of pit that no one can tell you’re in? It is an emotional pit of existentialism. One in which, basically, you are getting nowhere with anything.

There will be times where your head is sticking out of the pit. You think everything is better, for a few moments. Those times are always face-slapping mirages. It is the worst feeling to know that you are stuck in a pit. People will spit, shit, rape, set fire, and other horrible things to you while you are in the pit; because they know that they can.

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