Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top 40 absurdities

Hey everyone! Pleasure to be chatting with yall today! today i want to talk about top 40 music. is it good for americas "ipod gen", such as myself ? or is it the actual downfall of society. I am going to admit, sometimes in the car I will play the top 40 station and go into a pop overload all giddy and loud. because its FUN! it truly is! top 40 is fun to party/dance to! and thats just a well known fact. obviously. i mean it OBVIOUSLY has no substance whatsoever but does that mean its a horrible idea to listen to it every now and again. I would like to think that MOST of the music that i listen to, does have a little, if not alot of substance. I will admit tho, if a hot guy were to pull up next to me, i would not want him to hear me having a dancegasm to lady gaga. because the sad truth is, sometimes i do! yeah thats right. i like that new shakira song~! and that cobra starship ft. leighton meester song. which i am straight up ashamed of hahah. but i cant stop! its ridiculous! so i just popped on patrick wolf into my pandora and feel a little more reserved lol. but at the same time, if i listen to it, i should not be ashamed. call me a musical doormat, whatever. i mean its my life. yeah the music is absolute SHIT but atleast i admit to it! for real, i mean you should not have to change yourself for anyone. especially these new age "hip" alternative crowd. i mean its a cool scene but SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! am i making any sense? idk i just sometimes cant deal with people that think they are too cool for the whole fucking world.
so yeah, if you listen to top 40 EMBRACE it. dont be embarrassed! but do,please, admit its shit. its okay to love shit sometimes.

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