Friday, August 28, 2009

having my schedule fixed finally.

after two weeks of not knowing how life was going to go at tech, i FINALLY have my schedule worked out! thank di lort is the main thing i can say! okay so they had me at an eleven class thru both semesters and i needed to work out so i dont have an early bird because i got that community service, you know you know. lol. so i still have an eleven next semester but this semester i dont have class until 1245! hell to the yes. i am very pleased. this semester i will have like this. okay i will just post my schedule all fancy like

Semester One

  1. Algebra II- 1245-215
  2. Government/Economics-220-350
  3. College 103- 355-500

Hell yeah! thats a great first semester! I will have ALOT of time to get ALL my work done. Now, the next semester is ALOT of more work tho. So i HAVE to be ready. Atleast I should be all adjusted to tech by then!

Semester Two

  1. Probability and Statistics- 11-1220


2.English IV- 220-350

3. Law Education- 355-500

Does that make sense to yall? I know its a tid bit confusing. But hopefully it is going to be an AMAZING year. I am so happy and so blessed.

Oh my favorite thing is that BOTH semesters I will have AMPLE time to get lunch! hell to the yes : )

i love tech : )

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