Thursday, August 27, 2009

sitting with tchomgo

my algebra professors name is mr tch0mgo. he is from cameroon. his accent is extremely thick. it is technically hard to pay attention to his class. being at midlands tech is almost like this new adventure that has all these different turns and twists. i got a 100 on my pop quiz... somehow... i take better notes than i think i guess. i guess i can actually do good this year. i have alot of things going for me. so thats good. i am going to write a review on Patrick Wolfs, The Bachelor, soon. I know that its a little late, or alot of late, but its still extremely interesting. Listening to mr tchomgo (chumgo) makes me feel like i am in africa. it is the closest thing that i will get to africa for a long time. i want to ask him all about africa, i want to ask him so many things, but i am worried i really wont be able to understand him. i wish he would write a memoir of his life, so i could understand everything he has been thru, how he got to fucking south carolina. I am sure he has so many extremely interesting stories. his personality is an extremely beautiful one. its like dry with a humor that you can tell only he understands, but not in a cheesy stepdad way. like, he makes it his own. hes so interesting, yet i have only known him for a week. i have never even formally introduced myself. i like that he changed my name from david to alex with no questions, most teachers freak out and wonder where alex came from. its extremely appealing on his part. i wonder if he is married. i wonder so, so, so much about tchomgo.

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