Thursday, August 27, 2009

standards for an exboyfriend

god damn it. to hell.
I want an ex boyfriend that everyone dreams of having. you know before you date someone there is always that line that is like "we are the best of friends so i know it will work out" well why the fuck cant you stay friends with the person after its over. i mean, i legitamitely try. its so weird, because with as much as i try you would think they would be all for it. i mean, its an AMAZING concept, staying friends with someone you once shared such a special bond with. but no. it really irks my nerves. all this one dude can say is how he just cant trust me after i broke up with him. dude you should trust me more, i broke up with you when i knew it was not going to work out. thats an AMAZING idea. you dumbfuck. i mean really, what the fuck am i supposed to say to that shit. sorry you cant trust me because i broke up with you HONESTLY!?!? DUMB. and then theres this one who just wont fucking respond to my texts or messages. and im like WTF. i saw him at adriannas coffee the other day and it was the most awkward convo ever. talk about small talk. like he didnt know where i was going to school!? if he has that much of a problem to not even return my messages than how about tell me. just be like your a jerk for breaking up with me. atleast we can talk about THAT. and then theres that other prick. look, you know i have given this bs my all. and you broke MY heart dude, its not fair you dont respond to my messages and always have really awkard texts back. i just want to TALK like i used to. like we used to. you know it was perfect before the fall. as it always is. I swear, its a gay thing. gays are so fucking dramatic. UGH!!! i swear i am a lesbian trapped in a gay mans body. its totally obnoxious. so this is why i am so attracted to straight guys. come on boys you interested? i can tuck!