Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Rapist

Thats what you are
Looking like a knight
only from a far
i didnt put a fight
because i just didnt know
how to do it right

you told me to stop saying no
no matter how much it hurt
I wanted you to let me go
shoved against the cold dirt...

no longer a virgin
i barely knew what sex was
knew nothing about men
didnt know how to trust

i wonder what your doing now
if your doing it all over
i wonder if its my mothers fault somehow?
i mean, you'd just have to know her.

people say im not a victim
im a kid that made mistakes
but i just want to hit them
my tears can fill a lake

is that was love is?
never got to find out
i didnt know itd be like this
as u muffle my shouts

so over crying
done with this shit
felt like dying
for too many bits

i was a pure young virgin, who didnt know better
you made me feel loved if just for ten minutes
then you took it all away with everything in it.

(i felt like it would be easier to try this in poem form, and i am so glad i am done writing these letters that was really hard and i hope it helped...) thanks for being there while i share this!

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