Sunday, June 20, 2010

Its been a while... Things are so different now. Im a graduate, my view on life has changed and i just think differently from when i last posted... Does that mean i should create a new blog or something?? Haha. I guess im not really going to make too much of a fuss of things happening lately but i will say i am OBSESSED with buffy the vampire slayer!!! All the seasons are available on netflix instant and it is soooooo awesome. Im so jello, i wish i was the slayer, haha. So much crazy ass shit happens in sunnydale... Its like.... Jesus fucking christ live in a more dangerous area next time chosen one... Ya dipshit. Omg i just got back from the beach!!! I had an amazing time! At around 2 am of the first night i was caught in a lightning storm on the beach! But there was no rain so it was reeeeeeaaaalllyyy creepy... But it was also really fucking beautiful...

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